Positive Psychology Coaching

Positive Psychology Coaching Programme

The 2-day Positive Psychology Coaching Programme will be of interest to practitioners from coaching, coaching psychology and allied fields interested in learning more about Positive Psychology and Positive Psychology Coaching. This workshop-based programme will also provide skills practice for practitioners who want to integrate Positive Psychology Coaching theory and techniques within their practice.
Once learners have enrolled onto the programme, they are asked to complete the free VIA character strengths survey before attending the programme. (See www.viacharacter.org/survey/account/register) Pre-workshop reading will be emailed as a PDF.

This intensive two-day course based workshop covers the theory, research and practice of positive psychology coaching. Learners will have the opportunity to practise skills and techniques in small group work. Topics include the brief history of the development of positive psychology, theories in PPC practice, Hedonic wellbeing and happiness, Eudaimonia, VIA character strengths and using the survey within coaching, PERMA, PERMA coaching, the RAW model of flourishing, the positive psychology INSIGHT framework, building strengths rather than repairing weaknesses, and integrating or embedding positive psychology into your own coaching practice.
Handouts and a manual are provided. For the purposes of skills training, learners should be prepared to discuss one problem or issue in small group work. Suitable for coaches, managers, personnel staff, trainers and counsellors. Normal rules of confidentiality apply.

• To become knowledgeable about the theory and practice of positive psychology coaching
• To provide practitioners with a practical framework, underpinned by positive psychology
• To enhance coaching skills through practical exercises

• Become knowledgeable about key theories, models and frameworks used in positive psychology coaching including PERMA, RAW, INSIGHT
• To consider positive psychology, the evidence base and related theories
• Define positive psychology within a coaching context
• Have an understanding of the application of various positive psychology models, techniques and related theories, including knowledge of positive psychology interventions (PPI) and the Integrated Cognitive Behavioural Coaching approach (ICBC)• Have an awareness of, and opportunity to practise, coaching skills and PPI to facilitate and positively support the enhancement of coachees strengths and potential
• Explore the main themes and characteristics of positive psychology within various coaching contexts

Trainers and supervisors include Dr Siobhain O’Riordan and Professor Stephen Palmer.