Assertion and Communications Skills

Assertion and Communications Skills 

This 2-day Assertion and Communications Skills programme also forms part of the Institute of Leadership Approved Performance Coaching and Stress Management Development Programme.

This two-day workshop focuses on the theory and practice of assertion and communications skills. The programme takes a cognitive behavioural approach. There will be an emphasis on skills practise and course participants will be given opportunity to practise assertion and communication skills, step by step. Assertion skills such as negative feelings assertion, fogging, workable compromise and setting clear boundaries will be covered. Communication skills such as sending and receiving skills will be included.

The use of assertion and communications skills in coaching, counselling and stress and time management training will also be discussed.

To provide a practical understanding of those skills associated with assertiveness training and how these skills can be used to aid the communication process.

By the end of the course learners will:

• have an understanding of the differing personality types associated with assertiveness training, viewed through the SPACE model
• be able to identify individual behaviour patterns
• have had the opportunity to practise a range of assertiveness techniques
• have had the opportunity of discussing personal concerns
• have developed an Action Plan to consolidate learning and future training needs

The trainers are Nick Edgerton MSc CPsychol and/or Dr Siobhain O’Riordan PhD CPsychol FISCP. Both are Chartered Psychologists.