Positive Psychology Coaching Development Programme

Positive Psychology Coaching Development Programme 

This 6-day modular programme will be of interest to practitioners from coaching, coaching psychology, HR, management and allied fields interested in learning more about Positive Psychology and Positive Psychology Coaching. The programme introduces the theory, research and practice of positive psychology coaching with a particular focus on facilitating positive transitions and developing resilience. Positive psychology models of PERMA, RAW and INSIGHT will be covered.

It is recommended that Learners who have no prior experience of coaching initially attend the 5-day IoL approved Coaching Development Programme.

This course is a modular six-day programme. Learners need to attend all modules:
a) IAFPD Positive Psychology Coaching (2 days)
b) IAFPD Developmental Coaching: Facilitating Positive Transitions (2 days)
c) IAFPD Developing Psychological Resilience: A Coaching Perspective (2 days)

The aims and objectives are the same as for the specific 2-day modules undertaken. The course is run in association with our affiliated Centre for Positive Transitions and Centre for Coaching.

Learners who wish to learn more about positive psychology coaching may gain useful insight from the book, Positive Psychology Coaching in Practice by Suzy Green and Stephen Palmer.


The ‘Positive Psychology Coaching Development Programme ’ has been recognised as providing eligibility for ‘Associate’ grade of TILM. On joining IoL the approved post-nominal letters are  AIoL (Associate Member of The Institute of Leadership).

The trainers include Dr Siobhain O’Riordan PhD, Sheila Panchal MSc CPsychol and Prof Stephen Palmer PhD.