Problem Focused Coaching

Problem Focused Coaching 

This 2-day Problem Focused Coaching and counselling programme also forms part of the Institute of Leadership Approved Performance Coaching and Stress Management Development Programme.


This two-day workshop is based upon the problem solving approaches e.g. Palmer (1994), Wasik (1984) Palmer and Burton (1996), Milner and Palmer (1998). It includes the seven-step cognitive behavioural and solution focused PRACTICE model sequence (Palmer, 2011): Problem identification, Realistic goal development, Alternatives generated, Consideration of consequences, Target most feasible solution, Implementation of Chosen solution, and Evaluation.

For the purposes of skills training, Learners should be prepared to discuss two personal issues or problems in small group work. Normal rules of confidentiality apply.

To provide learners with an introduction to the theory and practice of problem solving within coaching and counselling settings.

• develop an understanding of and gain practice in using the seven-step PRACTICE model and two coaching models
• practise applying the models step by step to current problems
• practise using the techniques associated with problem solving
• distinguish between problem interfering thoughts (PITS) and problem enhancing thoughts (PETS)
• understand the differences between counselling and coaching

The trainers are Nick Edgeton MSc CPsychol, and/or Dr Siobhain O’Riordan PhD CPsychol FISCP and/or Professor Stephen Palmer PhD CPsychol FISCP. All are Chartered Psychologists.