Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching

This 2-day Stress Management programme also forms part of the Institute of Leadership Approved Performance Coaching and Stress Management Development Programme.

This intensive two-day programme based workshop covers the theory and practice of performance coaching applied to work and personal contexts. It takes a cognitive behavioural approach. Learners will have the opportunity to practise coaching skills and techniques in small group work. Some of the topics included are the structure of a performance coaching session, assessing current performance, awareness and taking responsibility, reducing interference, overcoming psychological blocks, the coach as a catalyst, goal setting and goal theory, eliminating the discrepancy between actual and desired performance, competence, developing performance confidence, performance as a measure of behaviour, overcoming the perils of perfectionism, performance enhancing thoughts, performance improvement plans, tackling troublesome thoughts, keeping focused.

Handouts and a manual are provided. For the purposes of skills training, Learners should be prepared to discuss one problem in small group work. Suitable for coaches, managers, personnel staff, trainers and counsellors. Normal rules of confidentiality apply.

To provide participants with a range of performance coaching skills.

• gain competence in carrying out an assessment of a person’s current performance
• identify and tackle blocks to improving current performance
• develop collaboratively a performance improvement plan
• understand what steps will be needed to maintain performance once it has improved
• troubleshoot obstacles to improving and/or maintaining performance

The trainers are Dr Siobhain O’Riordan PhD CPsychol FISCP and/or Professor Stephen Palmer PhD CPsychol FISCP. Both are Chartered Coaching Psychologists, and are ISCP Accredited Coaching Psychologists and Supervisors.