Coaching Development Programme

Coaching Development Programme

This 36 hour intensive programme covers the theory and practice of coaching. The pre-programme reading includes Cognitive Behavioural Coaching (Neenan, 2018). Some of the topics covered include:

• The definition of coaching and types of coaching
• Current research to inform coaching practice
• Ethical and moral responsibilities of the coach
• Questioning and communication skills
• The Coaching environment
• Behavioural contracting, structuring initial meetings and the coaching programme
• Goal setting and relevant coaching models
• The process of change and commitment
• The learning cycle and blocks to learning
• The coaching assessment
• The SPACE model and/or ABC model
• Tackling common coaching topics in the workplace (e.g. thinking errors, blame, procrastination, time-management, task-management, developing confidence, assertiveness)
• Action planning

This programme is suitable for individuals interested in learning about coaching. Generally this includes managers, supervisors, HR staff, management consultants and psychologists.

The key aim is to provide learners with an underlying philosophy of coaching together with a range of practical skills required to be able to undertake coaching in the workplace.

Key objectives of this programme are for learners to:

• be helped to define coaching and understand the difference between coaching, counselling and consultancy
• become knowledgeable about types of coachees and their problems
• learn how to structure initial meetings and a coaching programme
• develop knowledge and understanding about a range of relevant skills, coaching models and their application
• develop and have an opportunity to practise a range of relevant skills
• become proficient in using a coaching assessment form
• explore four learning styles and relate these to the learning cycle
• explore and resolve difficulties impeding goal-attainment
• understand the importance of keeping a time log to improve time keeping
• troubleshoot obstacles to action plan implementation


The ‘Coaching Development Programme’ has been recognised as providing eligibility for ‘Associate’ grade of IoL. On joining IoL the approved post-nominal letters are  AIoL (Associate Member of The Institute of Leadership).

The trainers include Dr Siobhain O’Riordan, Kasia Szymanska and Nick Edgerton.