IoL Coaching Conversations: Accreditation

Introducing The Institute of Leadership (IoL) Coaching Conversations

The IoL Coaching Conversations  is the only product of its kind where individuals are measured on real-life, practical coaching discussions. No written assessments.

For managers who coach

For experienced managers, who know how effective coaching can be. Get recognised for your abilities, improve your teams performance and boost your career potential.

For a Coaching Culture

For HR Managers and L&D specialists who want to enhance performance, improve results and create a better working environment, through great coaching.

For professional coaches

As a professional coach we know recognition is key to your success. So stand out from the crowd with our unique accreditation – Coaching Conversations.

Gain accreditation

Receive a verifiable digital badge demonstrating that you are accredited by The Institute of Leadership for Coaching Conversations.

Coaching Conversations explained

Use our carefully curated resources to refine your technique in key areas of coaching including questioning skills, building rapport, and many more,
Delve deeper in to specific areas areas of coaching with Spotlights e.g. asking probing questions, how to measure progress, clarifying goals etc.

Watch experts in real life coaching situations – how do they handle specific challenges?
Record one of your coaching discussions on audio file and upload it. We’ll check to see if it meets our standard.
Celebrate your success with a digital badge and credentials.